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Welcome To Bonrix Partner Relationship Management (Bonrix PRM)...

Bonrix PRM Features

Admin Configuration and Setup

        This module enables you to setup your portal. It contains Partner network, Product master, Staff and ACL. It also allows Administrators to configure various email and SMS alerts.

You can create partner categories like Gold or Platinum partners and place your performing partners under them.

For your partners, this module facilitates them to setup their staff, give ACL, configure email and SMS alerts and build channel in further depth.

Your Partners can configure their billing and shipping address and configure defaults.

The email/SMS alerts keeps partner informed on events like Order receivables, password reset, order rejection or approval, new partner creation and price change, price approval or rejection, deal approvals .

You can configure the library documents and other resources for your partners.

Feature rich Partner profile management enables Partners to manage their multiple addresses, contact information and groups of users, currency configuration and conversation.