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Why do you need PRM?

Partner Relationship Management (PRM) has been interpreted with various definitions in e-business until the present. PRM is a business strategy to improve relationships between companies and their channel partners , which enhances a company's ability to work with a leverage demand network partners to better markets, sell and serve end customer . Someone say that PRM is a subset of an overall Business-to-business (B2B) CRM (Customer Relationship Management) strategy, which encompasses people, processes and enabling application components , and the application of Relationship Management strategies and technologies to the unique needs of indirect sales channels.

PRM helps automating the most common tasks involving channel partners, manufacturers and distributors. Partnership Relationship Management (PRM) involves managing the relationships between an enterprise and its distributors or resellers who are in turn selling and servicing the end users.

As B2B e-Commerce spreads widely, PRM also plays an important role to manage various channels or partners in complex business environments. It has emerged as a business strategy for value-creating relations with partners. As e-business moves toward collaborative e-business paradigm, PRM has to articulate collaboration with partners in both conceptual and systematic environments. Bonrix PRM has all these you strive for.

Bonrix PRM is one stop PRM solution that helps you grow your channel business effectively with cutting edge technologies.